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Securing the South Since 1927

Reduce the risk of your property becoming a victim

Burglary Risk Reduction

Many people believe that there is nothing  you can do to prevent a burglary - and that is simply not true. What you must remember is that nearly everyone has something worth stealing - burglars are after loose cash, jewellery, DVD & Blu-Ray players, iPods, laptop & tablet computers, things that are small, easy to conceal and easy to sell.


So put yourself in the mind of a burglar. There is no reason to target any particular house because of what they could steal, because they are likely to be able to get what they want from any house. So, which houses are they going to go for.


The answer is that they will go for the easy target. The house without decent locks, the house without an alarm system.


We can assess your home security, free of charge, and recommend the improvements which are likely to make a burglar try somewhere else.



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